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Holistic Interior Design differs from ordinary interior design by considering the energies of the property and creating interiors that are enhancing to mind, body and spirit. ​It is the next logical step after a property healing for maintaining positive energy within the property. ​We feel privileged to be frontrunners in the use of both energy healing and holistic design to create beautiful and functioning interiors that are considered and based on design integrity and the wellbeing of the occupants.​​

Negative energetic ‘clutter’ can accumulate in buildings from previous occupants or events that took place on the site before the building was built. ​Studies show that people who live in cluttered houses tend to have higher levels of the stress hormone Cortisol and this can apply to 'energetic clutter' too.​The first step in creating a holistic design is to remove any previous energetic imprints.​Once the underlying energies of the house are cleansed and healed, work can begin on creating a beautiful and functioning space by also clearing physical clutter where appropriate, and optimising the placement of furniture in alignment with positive energies and to the greatest benefit of the occupants.​


Using a combination of Dowsing, Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Light Therapy, Sound healing and Sacred Geometry, we make a property work on both a physical and spiritual level.  Caroline's approach to enhancing the interior of a home is to advise clients on colour schemes, lighting, placement of crystals, plants, artwork and advice on soft furnishings.  She will always try to encourage clients to retain or repurpose existing furniture and accessories to align with our principle of supporting sustainability. ​If renovation or construction is to take place, clearing negative energies prior to this can help to mitigate unforeseen problems and enhance the process and experience for all those involved. ​Caroline can work alongside your architect or interior designer if desired.

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