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Since the Covid pandemic we are spending more time in our homes than ever before. People are becoming more aware of the energies within a property and how it can impact on their wellbeing. Energy Healing works to clear negative energies, restoring balance and harmony to troubled environments.



These can include: 

  • ​ 

     Feeling uneasy on stepping through the door or in certain areas.

  • Frequent changes of ownership.

  •  Failure to sell or attract interest from potential buyers.

  • Feeling jinxed or beset with bad luck.

  • Unexplained Insomnia, anxiety or low mood.

  • Feeling generally unwell and out of sorts.

  • Constant arguments and discord.

  • Unusual behaviour from pets.

  • Objects being moved or going missing.

  • Unexplained electrical issues/noises.

  • Cold spots that never warm up.​

  • Plants failing to thrive.

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Once we have have gained an understanding of the problems you are experiencing, we carry out a free energy check to help ascertain the extent of the problem.


A low energy reading indicates that there are negative energies present. These can range from Geopathic stresses to Psychic Phenomena.            


We will offer you a fixed fee quote for the work needed to clear and heal the issues we find. Our property healing prices range from £100-£500.


We don't need to visit, but may ask for photos or floor plans.


We carry out the work using our dowsing and remote healing skills until all the negative elements have been cleared and the energy reading is a healthy 100%.

After our work is complete, we will send you a written report including advice where appropriate on the best furniture placements, colour schemes and ways to help maintain the new positive energies. 

We also carry out follow up checks to ensure that the energy reading remains high and you are happy with the outcome.

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