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A Crane Lifting a Container


Intrigued by our work on his bedroom, our client told us about a modern cargo ship that he had worked on in the past.


Whenever he had to go onto the bridge he felt an unexplained sense of dread and as if someone or something was watching him, especially at night. He would go about his duties as quickly as possible and then scurry off the bridge as soon as he could.


He  was curious as to why this might have been and so were we, so we got busy with the pendulum. 


This revealed that there was indeed an entity on board in spite of it being a relatively new ship.

This was the spirit of a female .


With the help of the pendulum, we discovered that she was from the Caribbean, born in 1599 and  had died from a fever at sea on board a Dutch ship in 1628.


Interestingly, when the pendulum was asked if she was a slave, the answer was both yes and no and it transpired that she had been taken captive by the Captain who had used her to fulfil his carnal desires, but she had been treated well and not like a slave in any other respect. She was however terribly homesick and longed for home.


Not surprisingly, she had a hatred of white men and was deeply angry about her involuntary captivity.


Her anger had kept her earthbound after her death and she had latched onto various ships over the centuries in the hope that they might one day take her home. 


We moved  her into the light and her angry spirit now finally rests in peace and is no longer drifting the oceans trying to find her way home.

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