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At Astarte Healing we use Diamond Light for healing properties, land and people. 

Diamond Light works on the premise that love and higher energies are always more powerful than the negative. It is a fast, powerful, ultra high-frequency energy that lifts the negative and easily replaces it with a light that feels substantial, alive and vibrant, connecting its recipients to the loving energy of the Divine. It is an ideal natural healing system for people and properties alike, aligning with the energies of the planet at this current time, offering hope in a time of chaos.  


Therapists and Healers worldwide are connecting with this energy and each using it in their own individual way, thus creating a wonderful network of Diamond Light healing across the globe that will ulltimately help to raise the vibration of the planet and those living on it.




​For personal healing, Diamond Light is a very fast-acting energy so only short, seated treatments are required lasting just 10-15 minutes. These can be carried out either in person or remotely.


Once a treatment has been received, a Diamond Light activation takes place within the body that continues to work on all levels to help heal the recipient. The ability to self heal using the hands is also activated and doing at least ten minutes of self healing a day helps the healing process to remain activated.


Following an activation, recipients have reported: 

 *Improved sleep

*A lasting sense of peace and calm

 *Relief of anxiety and stress

*The strength and ability to overcome addictions

*Increased self-awareness and self love

*Greater compassion towards others and the self 

 *Easing of physical aches and pains

 *More joy in life


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