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White Bedroom


When a client moved into new accommodation he found that he was having trouble sleeping in his new bedroom and experienced bouts of random and inexplicable anxiety.

The house in which he rented a room had recently undergone full refurbishment both inside and out, including the garden.

The vitality of the room was just 31%, so there were clearly some energetic disturbances at play.

We found that the energy was being drained by three earthbound spirits from the 9th century who had died in a local battle.

When there is a sudden or traumatic death it can cause souls to remain earthbound, sometimes for centuries, until they are moved into the light.

Their presence can be felt at a subconscious level by some people, resulting in poor sleep or feeling uncomfortable for no obvious reason.

After clearing all three spirits, the vitality of the room rose to 81%.

Further investigation revealed that our client had a negative attachment in his solar plexus area.

We found that this had been picked up around 9 years before at a place of work and was responsible for the random attacks of anxiety that he had been experiencing.


After removing the attachment the vitality of his room rose to 100%.


A week later, our client reported that he had not had any further anxiety attacks, but could not yet report on whether his sleep was better as he was working a shift pattern which involved very early starts, and he never slept well when this was the case.  He promised to report back on this in due course once his shift pattern changed and some months later advised us that his sleep was indeed much better.

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