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When a client who is in the Army revealed that they were having various problems at home and in particular with their teenage son, we offered to see if we could help.

Working remotely, we found that the vitality of their home was 81%.

We determined that the 19% reduction in vitality was due to a combination of historic negative energetic imprints from previous occupants, Geopathic stresses and a negative entity attachment in the solar plexus of the husband. 


We removed the negative attachment from the husband and advised on how he could protect himself from this in the future.

The Geopathic stress was the main cause of the disharmony in the home . This consisted of underground water and three Ley Lines running under the property. Two of the Ley Lines crossed under the house creating an energetic disturbance that was affecting the family.


With the help of a floor plan we were able to advise on the best place to sit in the living room to avoid the negative impact of this Geopathic stress.

We also suggested placing certain crystals in the house that would help to calm these energetic disturbances.


We sent healing to the property to help raise the energy and also determined that the son's energy was quite depleted, so with his permission, we sent him healing over the next few weeks and were delighted to learn from his parents that there had been a significant  improvement in his mood and behaviour.


Once we had raised the vitality of the house to 100%, the family experienced a positive improvement to their home and family life. The mother and son seemed noticeably calmer, they were all arguing a lot less and everyone appeared much happier.

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