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Stone Wall


Vitality of the house before healing:27%

We were delighted to be given permission to dowse a house dating back to Medieval times and were sure there would be lots to find in such an old building.

Working remotely, we found seven earth bound souls in the building, dating as far back as the 16th century.

All were successfully moved to the light and the vitality of the house rose to 37%.

We also found Geopathic stress from two water lines running under the building and some Technopathic stress from the WiFi.

An ancient human manifested walking route across the land the house sits on had also left a disruptive energetic imprint. 

After we finished work on clearing these, the vitality had only risen to 39% so we knew there was more to be done, and felt a site visit was needed to get to the bottom of what else was going on.  

We’d already detected an issue to do with a table in the house and were keen to determine exactly what the problem was.

On visiting the house, we picked up negative energy emanating from a dining table in the property. Our client told us that she had never liked the table or felt comfortable sitting at it.

Although the table top appeared relatively new, it had an unusual base made from old wooden cartwheels. We determined that these were from what was once a coffin cart and the negative energy we had detected was associated with these.

We also found negative energy coming from an ancient beam on the landing and determined that the beam had been cut from a tree that had been used as a hanging tree in the distant past, and still held all the negative energetic imprints associated with this.

In one of the bedrooms, we found the malicious spirit of a woman who had previously hidden herself from us. She had been causing a lot of energetic chaos that had been impacting on our client, and was very reluctant to leave, so it took a while to move her on.

Soon after the healing was completed our client mentioned to us that there had been a noticeable change in the behaviour of their autistic son after our remote dowsing and healing session, which we took as a sign that our work was having a positive effect on the house and family and that healing was taking place on all levels.

A while later, we learned that our client had had a fall in the garden, almost as if they had been pushed, so we decided to dowse the garden. In the area that they fell, we found the trapped soul of a 20th century male who was keen to be helped and had been trying to get their attention, so we moved him into the light.

Vitality of the house after healing:99%

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