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We offer personal healing using energy healing which can be sent remotely to anyone anywhere in the world.

Energy healing can help to bring happiness and harmony by soothing, healing and restoring balance to mind, body and spirit.

We offer Reiki healing and Diamond Light Healing -which  is passed on in a similar way to Reiki using specific healing symbols and with loving intention from the heart. 


Both can be carried out either via ‘hands on’ sessions or remotely and help to raise the resonant frequency of the recipient so they feel better able to cope with life and its various stresses.



Recipients have found that remote energy healing can:

*Create a lasting sense of peace and calm

* Help to relieve anxiety and stress

*Help with overcoming addictions

*Enable greater self awareness and self love

*Enable greater compassion both towards the self and others

*Improve sleep

* Ease physical aches and pains

* Bring more joy and harmony into life.

Energy Healing
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Prism on Hand

The Diamond Light System of Natural Healing

Diamond Light is a fast acting high frequency healing energy that aligns perfectly with the energies of the planet at this particular time.


A short seated treatment lasting around 10 -15 minutes is all that is required, and just one treatment is usually enough to have a lasting effect.

Treatments can be carried out remotely and act to clear negative energies, accelerate healing and connect the recipient to the loving energy of the Divine.


A Diamond Light activation takes place within the body during the healing and continues to work on all levels to help heal the recipient.


The ability to self heal using the hands is also activated and we recommend at least ten minutes of self healing a day to help strengthen the healing process .


​Anyone over the age of 12 can receive a  Diamond Light healing

activation and there are no known contra -indications for those wishing to receive it.


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