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Sitting Area


When we heard a neighbour's cottage had been for sale for some time without having had a single viewing, we offered to carry out a house blessing to help improve the energy and appeal of  the house.

The cottage had originally been two smaller cottages and we found the vitality of the property to be extremely low at only 16%.

This was due to a combination of geopathic stress, energetic imprints in the fabric of the building and spirit activity.


The trapped spirit was a woman who had tragically died in childbirth in the 19th century and we determined that it was she who was causing the sale to be blocked.

After moving her on, we carried out a house blessing and were delighted to be informed by the vendor that she had immediately noticed a significant difference in the feel of the house and the very next day had received a call from their Estate Agent to arrange their first viewing!

Although the house has yet to sell at the time of writing, they are now receiving regular viewings and are delighted with the outcome of their house blessing.

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