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If you would like to try to improve the energy of your own home yourself, then you may find the following tips helpful 

Healing Stones


Introduce crystals into any areas that feel uncomfortable. These will help to protect and raise the vibration of the space.Black Tourmaline and Haematite will add protection and help calm any Geopathic stresses. Amethyst and Rose Quartz will help to raise the frequency of the space, and Selenite will help to add a calm and tranquil feel. These are just a small selection of crystals that you might find helpful.Cleanse the crystals regularly by running under cold water, placing them in sun or moon light, or by smudging with White Sage.  

Our Bathroom candle and smudge portrait.JPG


Smudge regularly with White Sage, Incense sticks or Palo Santo. This is an ancient and well tested method used for cleansing and removing negative energy and raising the vibration of a space. Pay particular attention to the corners of the rooms where stagnant energy can accumulate. Once lit, blow out the flame and allow the smoke to drift into every corner of the room or house.(It is a good idea to use a small plate or dish to catch any falling ash).



Use sound to break up negative energy. Ring a small bell, use a singing bowl, wind chimes or simply walk round clapping your hands particularly in any dark or gloomy areas of your house and  making sure to get into every corner. This is particularly good for dispelling the negative energy left behind following an argument or other unpleasant confrontation and helps to ensure that bad energy doesn't linger.

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