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'I had distant healing with diamond light treatment from Jane, not really knowing what to expect. Prior to the treatment, I had been suffering with a shooting pain in my foot for months from an old injury. The following day, the pain completely vanished and hasn’t returned since. I have also been able to think more clearly and be more productive at work, including being able to work on multiple tasks without feeling stressed. I am still amazed at how fast and effective the diamond light treatment is and especially through distant healing.'


Alex, Dorset, UK

Viewing Booked The Next Day!

''Our house had been on the market for quite a few weeks. We had not had any viewings on the house and Caroline approached me about doing a blessing on my property, which I was delighted for her and Jane to do.


I was at work and when I returned home the first thing I noticed was how light, airy and clean the house felt. 

There was just this feeling of cleanliness and I felt relaxed/happy/chilled - like a weight had been lifted. 

I walked around the property and I had this feeling in every room.


The following day the house felt the same and I was feeling the same. Then at lunchtime I received a phone call from the Estate Agents to say that they wanted to book in our first viewing that weekend''.

Mo, Wiltshire, UK

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